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Have A Bookstore All To Yourself

Have you ever dreamed of having a bookstore all to yourself? Your dreams have come true! Make an appointment at Bearly Read Books and we will guarantee just that. Unless you decide to bring someone with you, of course. Book an hour and know you’ll not bump into anyone or have to keep looking over your shoulder or have to share space while you choose just the right titles to take home with you. And you’ll be helping us stay in business. That’s what we call a win-win!

Open by Appointment Only

We have decided that the safest approach for our employees and our customers is to, for now, open for appointment only. This will allow us to control the number of people in the store, making it easier to stay six feet apart for a better purchasing experience. We will continue to offer curbside pickup, mail order and if you live close by, we can do a drop-off at your home. Contact Us for details.

We require hands to be sanitized and masks to be worn upon entry into the store. And we have masks and sanitizer available.  And a unique completely touch free payment system that has everyone who visits talking like “If only every store was like yours” and “Safest place I’ve been all year”

In an effort to provide some of the bookstore’s services in a safer online format, we’ve started an online book discussion on Fridays at 4:00.  We just finished our discussion of our optional reading of True Grit by Charles Portisalso and will start discussions of our next optional read, Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World.  Non-fiction by Tracy Kidder. Contact Us for details.  

We also started doing online reading, check some out at Online Readings.

You can always call us, or email us, or send us a Facebook note; we’re always happy to help you find just the right book. Contact Us for details.  

If you need books covered, make an appointment and we will quarantine them, cover them and make an appointment for you to pick them up again.

Since business is down and we need to quarantine books, we cannot take in any books beyond our specific immediate needs. Don’t worry we have several years’ of inventory.  We currently need copies of “1984”, “Animal Farm”, “The Great Gatsby”, and a hardcover of “The Hobbit”.  Contact us if you have copies you would like to part with.  

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