By appointment only

Covid 19 Update 6-7-2020

The Commonwealth gave permission to non-essential retail businesses to reopen beginning June 8, 2020. Businesses have to comply with strict guidelines, and can only reopen when it is best for the individual business.

We have decided that the best thing for our employees and of course, customers, is to, for now, open by appointment only. This will allow us to control the number of people in the store, so staying six feet apart will be less stressful and allow for a better purchasing experience. But if coming into the store isn’t something you yet feel comfortable doing, we will still have curbside pickup, mail order and if you live close by, we can do a drop-off at your home. All will be done as safely as possible with masks and clean hands.

We have our Plexiglas barriers up. We have six-foot markers and directional arrows on the floor. The front door is the entrance only, and the rear door is exit only. There are masks if you don’t have one and hand sanitizer for you to use at the entrance. We have wire baskets for your use while shopping. Any book you pick up please put it in the basket. If you decide you don’t want it when you come to the counter to pay, leave it in the basket and we will quarantine it.

As recommended by the Commonwealth, we’re asking if you can please pay “touchlessly”. We accept credit and debit cards, PayPal and we’re adding Venomo and ApplePay as needed.

We’re following all the Commonwealth’s guidelines and are keeping informed daily, and as things change, we are making those changes. We are asking for you to help us by doing the same.

If you want to discuss books, get recommendations or want to chat, we’ve started an online book discussion on Fridays at 4:00. But you can always call us, or email us, or send us a Facebook note; we’re always happy to help you find just the right book. Also check out our new web page for up-to-date information and soon we hope to add direct purchasing of featured books and later direct purchasing of our entire inventory.

Until further notice, we cannot take in any books. If you need books covered, make an appointment and we will quarantine them, cover them and make an appointment for you to pick them up again.

Yes, things are different right now. And things may change 100 more times until we have a vaccine or herd immunity. We are trying to do everything we can to keep us all safe, because the last thing we want is another shutdown. If that happens, we will not be able to reopen.

So, call us at 978-443-4034. Email us at Send us a Facebook note. Check out Set up a time to come in, find a book, and bring home a Bearly Read Treasure.

Thanks for your patience and your patronage. Both mean so much to us.

Betty Ann and Jim